Glass fabrics and glass fibers
   covered with aluminum foil
   Those are used in pipes, their armature, various buildings,
   technological equipment thermo isolation works as a protective layer.
   They are also used in the production of thermo isolation mattresses
   as a screen reflecting heating and ultraviolet rays... [MORE]
   Heat and sound isolation materials
   The glass fiber is used in heat and sound isolation in construction
   of industrial buildings and dwelling houses in warming air,
   water, gas pipes, boiling equipment, as well as freezers.
   It is also used in the warming of walls, roofs, ceilings... [MORE]
   Electric insulation glass fabrics
   Those are used in the production of laminates, flexible isolations,
   foiled dielectrics. They may also be used in the production of glass
   plastics for armature. They are characterized by their high electricity
   isolation, temperature (up to 450°C) properties... [MORE]
   Construction materials
   1. Protective material RST.
   2. Construction nets SS-50, SSSH-160, SSC-115, SSK.
   3. Glass wall paper...
   Silica glass fabrics
   Characterized by low warmth permeability, resistance to changes in
   temperature, good electro isolation properties, resistance to chemical
   influence, it does not change its properties in the temperature
   of 1000°C. Fabrics produced of Puresil sort of thread do not melt
   or evaporate in the temperature of 1200°C... [MORE]
   Constructional fabrics
   for glass reinforced plastics (GRP)
   Are used as armature material for plastics production. Are characte-
   rized by high temperature (up to 450°C) properties, are stroke and
   stretch proof. This is an irreplaceable material in repairing of
   vehicle bodywork, production of various containers, boats, yachts,
   forms... [MORE]
   Glass threads
   Glass threads are used in the production of glass fibers and glass nets.
   Glass rovings
   Glass rovings is non-convoluted thread. It is used for sewing glass
   fabrics, in the production of plastics.
   Chopped glass threads
   It is used as a filler by production of plastics and various works.
   Filtering materials
   Silica filter nets are used in metallurgy in metal casting works.

Mullite-siliceous products
   Those are produced of mullite-siliceous, combined of clear aluminum
   and silica oxides. Mullite-siliceous products are used as thermo
   isolation and thermo compensational materials whose working
   temperature is up to 1150°C and the short-term one is up to 1260°C...

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