Our company has been operating since the year 1992. The main field of activity is trade in glass fabrics and their products.
The area of usage is extremely wide it is used as a protective layer for pipe isolation in preparation of heating, water supply, ventilation and other systems; in the production of plastics, in various thermo, hydro, high temperature (up to 1200C) isolation works, filters of various purpose, sealing links, glass wall paper and other.
Our company is an official representative of a Byelorussian Production Unit "STEKLOVOLOKNO" in Lithuania. We are also closely cooperating with the companies of Latvia, Russia, Poland, Check Republic, and Germany. We have gathered a great amount of information in this area.
In this website you will find a part of the products we are selling, their technical characteristics and titles. If you are interested in further details, please do not hesitate to call, write or visit us.
From 14 June 2005 Manonas Ltd is the member of the Lithuanian association of the enterprises of technical isolation.

We are looking forward to successful cooperation!

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